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Global Supply Paint Room spray paint room to reach the standard selection of environmental protection

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Supply Paint Room Spray Paint Room Standard Selection Bo technology-Zouping Bo Technology Co. , Ltd. Spray Paint Room: 1, energy-saving carbon fiber infrared electric heat pipe electric heat conversion rate is more than more than 30% energy saving than ordinary electric heat pipe, it is more suitable for the modern paint industry to save energy and increase efficiency, avoid the disadvantages of large energy consumption and high operation cost. 2, Safety, supply paint room spray paint room to meet the standard selection of Bo technology-Zouping in Bo Technology Co. , Ltd. to improve the operating environment, heating system without large current start-up, the heat dissipation quickly avoids the hidden danger in the oil-burning paint-baking room. 3, PAINT EFFECT IS GOOD: Carbon Fiber, far infrared quartz electric heating tube is the use of its far infrared radiation heating, (not through convection) to avoid air circulation on the paint surface secondary pollution, so that the paint is cleaner, the design breaks through the thinking of the traditional paint room, reduces the pipeline and the heating machinery system, reduces the hidden trouble by a large margin, and avoids the malpractice of the big energy consumption of the common paint room, low operating costs, energy-saving, easy to use is the hard truth, compensation and become the products of many manufacturers, the high-temperature paint paint room supply paint room spray room to meet the standard selection of Bo technology-Zouping Zhongbo Technology Co. , Ltd. Maintenance and maintenance, it can not only prolong the service life of high-temperature paint room, but also protect your safety. Several factors to measure the purchase of paint spray room: 1 Brightness, Paint Spray Room brightness should reach 800-1000 Lux, and need to use, close to D65 light source, at the same time the room wall should be Matte White; 2. Air Flow; 3. Filtering effect, depending on the type of cotton used in the painted roof, the general repair shop uses EU5 and EU6 models, which can be used in the paint room when the upper part of the room is illuminated by a solar lamp, in general, the amount of very fine dust per square meter should be less than 5; 4 Wall Sealing Effect, paint room is sealed, and there should be no accumulation of paint dust in the joints; 5 positive pressure, paint spray room air volume should be slightly larger than the air volume, keep the paint baking room under positive pressure; 6 the sealing effect of the heating system should be well sealed around the burner and flue, no putty after burning; 7 heating rate, it takes about l0-l5 minutes to raise the temperature from 20 °C to 60 °C in the paint-baking room. It should be noted that some paint-baking room thermometers are inaccurate, supply Paint Room Spray Paint Room Standard Selection Bo technology-Zouping in Bo Technology Co. , Ltd. . When measuring the temperature of the paint room metal body temperature shall prevail. If the selected paint room can meet the above conditions, it is an ideal paint room. However, in the process of accumulated use, there will be a number of situations, such as poor quality of paint baking room, more dust in the room, poor construction effect, poor lighting effect, etc. . In fact, as long as everyone can use and maintain paint baking room correctly, these problems are entirely avoidable. Painting is an important part of surface manufacturing technology. Anti-rust, anti-corrosion, aesthetic and change the use of the material itself is coating quality is one of the important aspects of product quality. Product appearance quality not only reflects product protection, decorative performance, but also constitutes an important factor of product value. And coating equipment is a vital part of the whole coating process. The main equipment of the painting room is divided into surface pretreatment equipment before painting, painting equipment, film drying and curing equipment, mechanized conveying equipment, dust-free constant temperature and humidity air supply equipment and other ancillary equipment. Coating equipment can not do without solvent. There are many parts to be solvent-resistant. Coatings are inflammable and explosive materials, many parts of equipment to do flame-retardant and explosion-proof processing. (3) coating process requirements are more fine, higher equipment accuracy requirements (4) equipment load is low, very few heavy equipment. (5) coating equipment is easier to plan the mode of production line and save labor. (6) running speed is relatively slow. PAINT-BAKING ROOM: paint-baking room is a kind of equipment which can paint, dye and dry the surface of the equipment. It not only can play an aesthetic role to the equipment, but also can protect the goods; It can not only prevent the objects from being corroded in the bad environment of damp and dust, but also can prevent the metal parts from being corroded and delay the aging of the plastic parts, let the body shape more beautiful, bring more commercial value and visual beauty. The paint-baking room is an important equipment that decorates the surface of the object through the technical treatment. Supply paint room spray paint room to reach the standard of Zhongbo technology-Zouping Zhongbo Technology Co. , Ltd.

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