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Isuzu fire truck, heavy truck fire truck, Dongfeng fire truck manufacturer eight ton water tank fire truck price

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 Hubei Fengbai Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a domestic special purpose vehicle manufacturing enterprise with independent research and development ability.

Our company is a large special purpose vehicle manufacturer, Dongfeng, liberation, heavy truck and other companies' strategic partners, mainly engaged in the production and sale of all kinds of special vehicles. The company has the right to export its own products, and its products occupy a large number of foreign markets. Its leading varieties include: fire trucks, foam anti fire trucks, dry powder fire trucks, foam dry powder combined with fire engines, forest fire engines, high jet fire trucks, emergency rescue fire engines, Fire sprinkler, wrecker, sprinkler, garbage truck, refrigerator truck, dump truck, semi-trailer, truck crane, aerial work truck, bulk cement truck, chemical truck, cement mixer, coach truck, van, tractor, mobile dining car, mobile sales car and other special trucks. Our company focuses on quality, makes every car well, provides customers with the greatest convenience and the most intimate service

The company mainly produces fire truck series (Dongfeng 1-20 ton water tank, foam fire truck, emergency rescue fire truck, heavy truck 8-20 tons water tank fire engine, foam dry powder combined fire engine, Qingling 1-12 ton foam fire engine, liberation, Oman 5-12 ton water tank foam fire truck). Among them, the commonly used water tank fire engines are: Dongfeng water tank fire engine, Jiangling water tank fire engine, Qingling water tank fire engine, sinotruk Steyr water tank fire engine, Isuzu water tank fire engine and fire sprinkler. Our company is a special purpose vehicle manufacturing industry, which integrates design, production, sales and trade. The fire truck series includes water tank fire trucks, foam fire trucks, foam dry powder combined fire engines, emergency fire fighting vehicles, high injection fire trucks, water supply and fire protection vehicles, mini fire engines and so on. It can also be developed and manufactured according to the actual needs of customers.

The company is located in Suizhou City, the hometown of Shennong, the forefather of China and the hometown of chime bells. It is 195 km away from Wuhan in the East and 298 km away from Shiyan in the West; there is Hanshi Expressway in the South and national highway 316 in the north, which runs through Suizhou; it has always been the largest special purpose vehicle refitting base in China. It is a special purpose vehicle manufacturing enterprise with independent R & D capability in China.

Our company strictly controls the quality. In terms of quality management, the first is to "create high-quality service, create customer satisfaction products, tree domestic famous brand" as the enterprise quality policy. The company has established a three-level quality management system of factory Department, Department (workshop) and class, and implemented the quality responsibility system at all levels. The second is that the company implements competitive bidding procurement for main assemblies and safety components, strictly controls the quality, and requires the manufacturer of outsourcing parts to be an enterprise that has obtained ISO9000 certification and product quality assurance. The company has passed the product calibration, technical conditions and production license of outsourcing parts factory The long-term supply contract can be signed only after the review, and the qualification of the outsourcing parts factory with two quality defects in a year can be cancelled; the third is to strengthen the quality control of each link of the production process, implement strict documented operation instruction system for each process operation, and carry out strict inspection according to the instruction.

The company has strengthened the development of new products. Ensure the need of new product development in technology, capital and raw materials. With Dongfeng company, Shanghai Fire Protection Research Institute, Hanyang Special Vehicle Research Institute, Wuhan University of technology and other colleges and universities, we have jointly developed advanced fire engine products with high technical content, which are favored by the majority of users.

The company's main products are fire engines and wreckers, which are selected as the most popular products by users in the customer sampling survey of several western provinces. In the same year, it was rated as "consumer satisfaction unit in Hubei Province".

The company strengthens the internal management of the enterprise, actively carries out the activities of "transforming the mechanism, grasping the management, practicing the internal skills and increasing the benefits", comprehensively establishes the modern enterprise management system in line with the international standards, and realizes the standardized procedure management of organizing the production in strict accordance with the national compulsory standards in the production; in the sales management, implements the dynamic information management of pre sales, in sales process and after-sales service Li.

We are in line with the quality policy of "customer satisfaction is our constant pursuit of the goal", towards the goal of "Limited sales, unlimited service", dedicated to provide users and dealers with excellent quality products and careful and thoughtful service, sincerely hope to join hands with customers to create a better tomorrow.

24 hours sales hotline: 134-0966-6690, business QQ: 2769-870-556, general manager Ma

Warmly welcome all friends to visit the production strength and product technology on the spot, and look forward to the cooperation of professionals and friends from all walks of life to create a brilliant future for China's automobile industry!

Due to the restriction of layout, many models can not be displayed completely. Please contact the manufacturer by telephone for consultation

According to the tank volume, the integral is: 2 tons, 3 tons, 4 tons, 5 tons, 6 tons, 8 tons of vehicles, 10 tons, 12 tons, 15 tons, 25 tons fire trucks

According to the brand, it can be divided into: Dongfeng, howao, heavy truck, HOWO haoluo, Isuzu, Qingling, Futian

Performance is divided into: water tank, foam, dry powder, water tank foam dry powder combination, forest fire truck, high jet, 40 meters high jet, communication command, emergency rescue fire engines, fire sprinkler, community fire, township fire, small fire engines, grain depot special fire truck......

If you need to know more about the price and how much is a fire truck, please call me for the picture of the fire truck, answer by experts, and analyze thoroughly

Dozens of models, please contact me by phone

See product picture for number

Fire sprinkler, also called township fire truck, should belong to a simple fire truck. It has the function of fire truck besides all functions of sprinkler, and it has absolute dual-use. Its advantages are cheaper price, more function, larger tank capacity and stronger practicability. It has the same fire extinguishing fire extinguishing function of regular fire truck. The disadvantage is that it is not like fire truck, with less passengers, The equipment standard is less, the fire fighting and rescue ability is weaker than the professional fire truck, and some areas may not be able to go to the house. All the models that can be made into professional fire trucks can be made into fire sprinkler

Fire sprinkler: fire sprinkler is a special refitted vehicle between fire truck and sprinkler. Fire sprinkler is equipped with special fire pump, fire gun and fire power take-off device. Spray on the side of front and back spray, and the back working platform is optional. The platform is equipped with green sprinkler. The sprinkler can rotate in all directions, and can be continuously adjusted into DC, fog, heavy rain, light rain and drizzle. With fire interface. Fire sprinkler can be used for sprinkling, spraying, cooling, dust and dirt, and also for pavement maintenance, landscaping, emergency fire fighting, and transportation of drinking water. The sprinkler can also be used for high pressure flushing, emergency fire fighting, mobile pump station and other purposes.

★ fire sprinkler: it belongs to a simple fire truck, which has the function of fire truck besides all functions of sprinkler, and has absolute dual-use. Its advantages are cheaper price, more function, larger capacity and stronger practicability; it is more similar to sprinkler in appearance, and it is difficult for some areas to enter households, less seats and less fire fighting ability than professional fire trucks, All the models that can be made into professional fire trucks can be made into fire sprinkler

Fire sprinkler, also known as fire sprinkler, sprinkler, forest fire sprinkler, school fire sprinkler, airport fire sprinkler, community fire sprinkler, street, township and rural fire sprinkler function. It is between fire truck and sprinkler, which has the integrated use of fire fighting and sprinkler. Compared with fire trucks, there is no equipment box, but it has the same range and the same fire function as fire truck.

Function introduction: compared with sprinkler, it inherits all functions of sprinkler, and also makes up for problems such as small range and small pressure of sprinkler. Besides the equipment of fire pump and equipment, the fire sprinkler has a large capacity water storage tank, water gun and water cannon. Water and fire personnel can be transported to the fire site for fire fighting independently. It can also be directly put out from water sources or to other fire engines and fire-fighting spray devices. The function of the fire truck is better than that of the fire truck: because there is no fire truck equipment box, the chassis height and vehicle width are more suitable for the road conditions of the mountains, towns and villages, and are the favorable fire fighting tools for forest fire fighting, township and rural fire protection.

Fire sprinkler shall be equipped with special fire pump, fire gun and fire power take-off device. The tank body is equipped with a working platform, and the platform is equipped with green sprinkler. The sprinkler can be rotated in all directions, with front flushing and back sprinkling, with side spray, which can be continuously adjusted into DC, fog, heavy rain, light rain and drizzle, and safety guard rail. Fire water cannon is installed on the top of the tank. With fire interface, water can be fed through fire hydrant, with self flow valve and fire greening coil.

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