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Supplier Homepage Electrician and Electric battery lithium battery Lithium-iron phosphate battery solar power photovoltaic communication base station 48V50 100 200AH 10AH-3000AH support customization

Lithium-iron phosphate battery solar power photovoltaic communication base station 48V50 100 200AH 10AH-3000AH support customization

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made in China
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Product features

The positive electrode of the battery is made of LiFePO4 material, which has good safety performance and long cycle life.

The battery system adopts high-performance dedicated BMS battery management module, the BMS has voltage, current, temperature protection functions, and good communication with the host;

The monitoring unit automatically measures the battery charge and discharge current, charge and discharge voltage, cell surface temperature and ambient temperature;

The secondary power down function, the battery voltage is lower than the alarm value has the alarm information, the voltage is too low automatically power down, protect the battery;

The system has good electromagnetic compatibility.

Full intelligent design, equipped with a centralized monitoring module, with four functions (telemetry, remote communication, remote control and remote adjustment), to achieve computer management, can communicate with the remote central monitoring center;

Power control technology combined with computer, real-time monitoring and control of various parameters and states;

Adopt self - cooling mode, the whole system has very low noise.

Product advantage

The system can work directly under the condition that the charging and discharging mode of the original communication DC switching power supply system is unchanged.

The communication lithium-iron battery system is the first high-tech product developed successfully by Shuangdeng in China. With independent intellectual property rights, the products fill the domestic gap and the main technical indicators are in the international leading level.

Shuangdeng Communication lithium battery system is the only batch production and widely used in the field of communication of new backup power system, the market application of the longest time, the largest number, the market response is good;

In order to meet the new requirements of telecom operators for distributed power system, Shuangdem for the first time proposed an integrated backup power solution based on lithium iron battery, BMS, DC switching power module (or UPS uninterruptible power system).

High volume ratio energy and weight ratio energy, installation, there is no special requirement for space and bearing, greatly reducing the rental cost of the site;

The cycle life of lithium iron battery is more than 3000 times;

Superior temperature characteristics: ambient working temperature up to -20~+60℃ (recommended temperature; -15~+50℃), greatly reducing the cost of equipment acquisition and power consumption;

Lithium-iron monomer battery adopts fully sealed structure, the battery can be arbitrarily placed, no harmful gas emissions, safe and pollution-free, is a green product;

Lithium iron battery has a very superior rate of discharge performance, can use a lower capacity of lithium iron battery system to meet the use of large current discharge occasions;

Flexible configuration: multiple iron lithium battery modules are used in parallel, which makes it possible for the large-capacity communication lithium battery system to enter the practical application, which improves the output power of the system and extends the backup time of the system.


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