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Fully automatic small mobile quenching water tank

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Basic Info

Fully automatic small mobile quenching water tank
Fully automatic small mobile quenching water tank
  Fully automatic small mobile quenching water tank is a professional, intelligent and automatic quenching and cooling equipment specially designed for the needs and characteristics of water medium quenching tank. It is mainly used for various metal parts in experimental electric furnace, trolley furnace, pit furnace and box furnace , Salt bath furnaces and other quenching furnaces are used for quenching the workpiece after heating. The quenching water tank has the advantages of less equipment occupation, convenient movement, use without foundation swing on the ground, complete functions and high cost performance. The functions include heating, automatic temperature control, water stirring, circulating water pump, air-cooled heat exchanger (no additional cooling water is needed), automatic water level control, and other functions. There is also a lifting mechanism for optional matching.
Fully automatic small mobile quenching tank delivery
Fully automatic small mobile quenching water tank delivery site
  The fully automatic small mobile quenching water tank is made of thick steel plate or stainless steel with a square structure. The quenching water tank is equipped with an electric heating tube, and the quenching water tank is equipped with a high-power circulation pump, air-cooled heat exchanger, automatic liquid level control and automatic constant temperature Control cabinet. Its working principle is: when the workpiece enters the water and is quenched, when the water temperature rises to the set temperature, the circulation pump starts to work, the heat is removed by the heat fins of the heat exchanger to achieve mutual heat exchange, and then return to the water in the quenching tank The temperature decreases, and after circulating heat exchange, the water temperature in the quenching tank will be significantly reduced. When the water temperature is lower than the set heating temperature, the automatic constant temperature control cabinet will control the heating tube to heat the quenching water medium in the quenching water tank, so that the quenching water temperature is constant within the process quenching temperature. You can set automatic water intake, make up water, limit the water level, safe and convenient. When the weight of the quenched workpiece is large, an automatic lifting mechanism is selected to reduce labor intensity and provide work efficiency.

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